As an educator, I employ a pedagogical strategy of inclusion and active learning. I currently teach Community Field Research: Theory & Methods (CRD-151) during the Fall quarter. Students learn numeracy, basic statistical concepts, and how to utilize software (SPSS, R) to analyze and assess pressing social problems.

During Winter quarter, I teach Politics & Community Development (CRD-157) in which students learn and explore multiple frameworks across the social sciences to analyze pressing socio-environmental problems.

I also teach a graduate seminar in Social Inequality & Global Environments (CRD-298), in which we learn and discuss multiple theories and empirical strategies including intersectionality, black feminist thought, energy and society, space and place.

I have also taught or assisted teaching the following courses at Tulane University, Environmental Sociology (SOCI-2600), Social Problems (TIDES-1600), Intro to Data Analysis (SOCI-3040), Global Political Economy & the Environment (SOCI-6320), Ecology & Society (SOCI-4610).