New Peer-Review Journal Article: A survey of IPV perpetrator treatment providers: Ready for evidence-based practice?

December 18, 2020

In this new peer-review journal article entitled  "A survey of IPV perpetrator treatment providers: Ready for evidence-based practice?", we find that a debate persists regarding the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs, the predominant form of intervention for individuals who have perpetrated intimate partner violence (IPV).  Social science research has identified some promising research trends – e.g., the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing and process factors that maintain an effective therapist-client alliance, what clients say facilitators can do to ke

New Journal Article on COVID-19 and Resilience

August 14, 2020

COVID-19 is a pandemic event not seen in a century. This research aims to determine important predictors of resilience towards the COVID 19/Coronavirus Pandemic. This study uses a cross-sectional design, with purposive snowball sampling, for primary survey data collected over 10 weeks starting the first week in April 2020. Participants completed a self-administered questionnaire on demographics and behavioral factors. Resilience was assessed using the 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale and perceived stress was assessed using the 10-item Perceived Stress Scale.

New Journal Article on Flood Risk Perceptions and the Role of Trust and Confidence

August 14, 2020

This study advances scholarly debate on the impact of confidence and trust on flood risk perceptions using data from a random sample of 403 residents in New Orleans, a U.S. coastal city with hundreds of miles of levees to protect the city from flooding. The research focuses on several predictors including specific trust measures of local, state, and federal authorities, sociodemographic characteristics, and experience with flood damage.